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Legato always provides quality translation through the highest level of teamwork

Legato's translation services are provided by a highly organized team of professional coordinators, translators and proofreaders that allows us to offer high-quality translation regardless of language, season or situation. The quality and speed of our services have earned high marks from our clients. 


When we receive a translation request, our coordinators, who are familiar with each translator’s area of expertise, choose the right person for the job. After the translators submit their drafts, our in-house checkers and proofreaders closely scrutinize the translated document for any problems and polish the final version. For translation into languages other than Japanese, the documents are proofread by native speakers, and a final check is made by our in-house proofreaders. 

Responding to inquiries from clients after delivery

Even after the delivery, questions, comments or reviews from the clients are welcome. Our coordinators will listen carefully and make any requested changes. 

Our revisions save our clients time and labor.

Estimates and Payment

When ordering a translation, please email us the document to be translated. If you have any concerns about budget, deadline or anything else, please let us know.

Editing services for other documents such as those that have already been translated or that have been written in the target language are also available.

After confirming receipt of the document, we will provide an estimate based on the content, number of letters, characters or words of the document. 


In principle, we ask the clients to pay in advance.
We will proceed with the translation once we confirm receipt of the payment.

Translation Areas

Power plants (Electric, Nuclear, Gas, Renewable, and others), IT, Politics, Economy, Finance, Current News, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Philosophy, and other academic areas including Art, Music, and Tourism


English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and others

Examples of Previously Translated Documents

Reports, Academic Articles, Presentation Materials, Legal/Regulation Documents, Contracts, Minutes, Letters, Specifications, Manuals, News Articles, Website, Catalogues, Leaflets, Textbooks, Official Documents (Notifications, etc.)

Translation Process
Translation Inquiry
Price estimate and confirmation of schedule
Determination of the most appropriate translators for the job based on the client's needs
Checking and editing by in-house proofreaders
Translation into Japanese
Final check and editing
Delivery of the translated documents
Translation into languages
other than Japanese
Editing by a native speaker of the target language (if requested)
Final checking and editing of documents
​Delivery of the translated documents
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