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Privacy Policy

The handling of personal information

In recognition of the vital importance of protecting the personal information of our clients, cooperating companies, and their staff and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information Owner”) known to and used by Legato Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Legato”) in the course of providing the services of translation, interpretation and language training, Legato has developed the privacy policy below to assign a chief privacy officer and keep all employees informed about the policy, and thus appropriately protect personal information.

1. Acquisition of personal information

We acquire, in an appropriate manner, personal information limited to whatever is necessary for business purposes. When we ask for personal information, we specify the intended use of that information and the contact.

2. Prohibition on the collection of specific personal information

We will never collect, use or provide personal information which may be used for purpose of discrimination, unless the Information Owner explicitly agrees to provide the information; there are special clauses set by laws; or the information is absolutely imperative in judicial proceedings.

3. The use of personal information

We use personal information limited to the range of the purpose of use unless otherwise ordered by laws. If the necessity arises to use the information beyond the original purpose, we shall gain the agreement of the Information Owner on the purpose of use and other conditions. We use the acquired personal information only for the business purposes of our company, including replies to inquiries, notifications to job candidates and communication with potential employees in translation, interpretation and language training services as well as potential subcontractors. 

4. The provision of personal information

We provide personal information to the third parties only for purposes with which the Information Owner agrees. Upon such provision, we will conclude a relevant contract for the recipient of the information and implement measures required by law.

5. Security measures

For ensuring the accuracy and safety of personal information, we take every measure to prevent unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, alteration and leak of personal information, and appropriately manage the information.

6. Voluntariness of providing personal information

On the application form, areas of information that are required are specified. For other areas of information which are not specified as required, completion is optional. If an area specified as required is not completed, submission of the application for employment may not be possible.

7. Legal compliance

We observe the applicable laws, guidelines, policy and criteria the Japanese government has established and other rules for ensuring personal information security.

May 2015

Legato Co., Ltd.

Aiko Ito, CEO

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